Thursday, September 05, 2013

Thursday Thirteen.... sort of ....

I've been super busy the past week or so. I have tried to maintain some semblance of order. Promoting one book is taxing, two books, is overwhelming at times, but three books, is simply insane. 
She Rides has taken off like a rocket ship. The response has been exactly what I needed to validate my place in the publishing world. After writing for so many years, there are still my work good enough? Will my readers want to read what I've come up with this time?
For my fellow Thursday Thirteen participants, I apologize as this is not a list of thirteen. I don't have them numbered for a reason. LOL It's 5:35 am and I haven't been to bed yet! I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me ;) 

Killer Scents and Scent of a Killer, took me on a dark and unfamiliar journey. To write from a serial killer's POV is no easy task. I found myself watching movies like Hannibal  and Silence of the Lambs. I surfed YouTube endlessly for music that would take me to the dark and demented recesses of my imagination. 

*** Both covers were created by the incredibly talented, Amanda of CoversByStruZa. Scent of a Killer actually took 2nd place winner on 
***  The serial killer has been dubbed, The Florist. I can't give away too much about this character without ruining the surprise for you when you read Killer Scents. Here is the blurb that might give you a better idea about my serial killer. 
 Becca and Randy are Harley riding detectives who join forces to find the ruthless killer the press have dubbed The Florist. What does the flower he places in his victim's hands have to do with the sick, twisted way he ends their lives? Will they track him down before he strikes again, or will a turn of events find one of them at the mercy of a demented killer?

*** This trailer for Killer Scents was created by Winterheart Design, 
more specifically, Lex Valentine - Author

*** I created this collage as I wrote Killer Scents. It became a great source of inspiration when I moved on to write the sequel, Scent of a Killer. The redhead is my vision of Detective Becca Talbot. The muscular guy with killer abs is, Detective Randy Bates. The purple rose is very significant to the transition from Book One to the sequel. 

***  Here's one of the first reviews for Killer Scents.
I love it when a book is so engaging, that when I'm done it feels like I have just seen a really good movie. Killer Scents did just that. A classic "who done it" mystery, Killer Scents keeps you guessing at each turn.Gothic Mom's Book Reviews  Read full review HERE

*** Here's a review for the recently released sequel, Scent of a Killer
This review was taken from the listing at
Buffy says; After waiting in anticipation for the sequel to killer scent, i have to say i was not disappointed, Scent of a Killer is everything i expected and more. It kept me on the edge of my seat reading it and couldnt wait to turn the page to see what happened next. Thank you Adelle for allowing us to share your talent xx

*** Both books are not only available for your Kindle, they are also available in PRINT!

*** Excerpts *** 

Just a reminder to mark your calendar from September 13th til September 21st. I will be shouting out about a couple of great books I've read this year. 

I've got a little mystery for you as well....
My birthday is during this Blog Hop. Figure out when it is and drop in on that day for your chance to WIN a great prize. I'll actually post a picture of it as soon as it is delivered to me. This prize is on top of all the other prizes offered. Please don't ruin the fun by posting the actual day of my birthday on your Facebook  twitter, or any other social venues. This will automatically disqualify you from ALL the drawings. 

 Remember, there are well over one hundred Bloggers participating in this event with prizes and random giveaways from each blog on the Hop. 
I'll post more details with active links a couple of days before the Hop begins. I hope to see you then! 


colleen said...

I'm happy for your success and hope you get some rest. I enjoyed reading this and watching the trailer. I could not watch Silence of the Lambs and am a wimp about those serial killer stories.

Stephanie Sullivan said...

Sounds great, Adelle, and I love those covers. Happy Thursday!

Heather said...

Sounds like you've been busy! My T13