Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RIP Tim Bosma

This week has been one of the most emotionally intense times in my life. I never knew Tim Bosma or his family, yet he has touched my life profoundly. I witnessed a community of virtual strangers rally together with one purpose and one purpose only..... to bring Tim back to his family. This community now grieves the loss and feels the pain his family must endure. They have a long and pain-filled journey ahead of them. 
I can only pray every single animal who took part in this horrific crime be brought to justice. To think, a simple ad on Kijiji was the beginning of the end to this poor man's life. If nothing else, his death will change the way we interact on these venues forevermore. 
It is with a heavy heart I offer my condolences to Tim Bosma's wife & daughter... to his family... to all those whose lives he touched over the past week. 
May his wife take comfort in the many wonderful memories shared with Tim. A part of him will always be alive in your daughter, as well as in your hearts. God Bless.... 

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