Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shouting Out / Great News!

In an industry inundated with self-publishing, it is frustrating when you have a book with a great publisher and the price is set too high. I know I'm not the only author to feel this way. I do understand publishers have way more overhead than Indie Authors. but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. 

So, when my publisher, MuseItUp Publishing contacted me about my story Heart of Steele, I was rendered speechless.

It started a couple of weeks ago when I was informed Heart of Steele would be available in print this summer. This makes me very happy because now I can offer it to my readers when I do an event book signing. Kudo's to Ms Lea Schizas, a woman who is intuitive to her author's needs. She told me  a couple of days ago she is going to feature my book for $1.99 starting March 14th when she announces it is coming to print. 

Yay! I now feel much better about promoting this book at a price my readers can afford. The icing on the cake? When I asked how long it would be available at this price, she replied, "Whenever you tell me to stop". How cool is that? 

In a matter of days, I have had my faith in traditional publishers renewed. There are publishers who listen to the needs of their authors. I urge anyone who has a story to publish to consider sending it to a publisher who truly cares, MuseItUp Publishing. From the initial signing of the contract, throughout the editing process and so on, I've always felt I had a voice. 

I'll add a live link on Thursday, March 14th so you can take advantage of this great deal. Stop by MuseItUp Bookstore to get in on some amazing deals being offered all week during the Read an Ebook Event. 

Read an excerpt from Heart of Steele.

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