Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day-Thursday Thirteen

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers!  
This week one of my latest releases, Dear Angel is coming out in print. If you leave me a message on any one of my three facebook accts you will be entered to WIN a signed print copy. 
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Good luck in the draw and I hope you all have a love-filled day!

Thursday Thirteen Valentine's Day Edition

Maple-Milk Chocolate Mousse
If you want a dessert that doesn’t scream “Hallmark holiday”, surprise someone with this simple mousse. It's made with just five ingredients and doesn’t include any pink or red.
Get the recipe for Maple-Milk Chocolate Mousse 
Salted Caramel Blondie Bites
If you lack baking skills, these salted caramel squares are for you. A combination of butter, brown sugar and flaky salt, they require little effort and promise big flavor.
Get the recipe for Salted Caramel Blondie Bites 
Strawberry Yogurt Mousse
Play a health-conscious cupid with this quick and easy mousse. Made with strawberries and Greek yogurt, it’s a creamy treat without a ton of calories.
Get the recipe for Strawberry Yogurt Mousse 
Chocolate Bread Pudding
Baking really doesn’t get easier than this chocolate bread pudding. It’s perfect for a relaxing Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed.
Get the recipe for Chocolate Bread Pudding 
 Strawberry No-Bake Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust
This cheesecake is a showstopping dessert, both in flavor and presentation. And you don't even have to turn on your oven!
Get the recipe for Strawberry No-Bake Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust
Cherry Clafoutis
Clafoutis is a French dessert that's a cross between a pancake and a cake. Traditionally, cherries are used but you can substitute your favorite fruit.
Get the recipe for Cherry Clafoutis
Eton Mess
If you're not known for your neatness in the kitchen, this dessert is made for you. Eton Mess lives up to its namesake, a deliciously sloppy combination of cookies, fruit and cream.
Get the recipe for Eton Mess
Lemon and Sugar Crepes
Crepes might seem tricky, but with a little practice, yours will be golden and paper-thin. Just remember that your first few attempts don't count!
Get the recipe for Lemon and Sugar Crepes
Berry Trifle
Thanks to storebought pound cake, this dessert comes together in a snap. Plus, it's large enough to feed the whole family (just omit the rum if kids are partaking).
Get the recipe for Berry Trifle
Easy Brown-Butter Apple Cake
Like a less fussy tarte tatin, this foolproof cake has a layer of sweet, caramelized apples.
Get the recipe for Easy Brown-Butter Apple Cake
Tiramisu is often seen on restaurant menus, but it's a breeze to make at home, especially in advance. 
Get the recipe for Tiramisu
Berry Mascarpone Fool
"Fool" your valentine into thinking you slaved over dessert with this pretty yet easy fruit pudding. 
Get the recipe for Berry Mascarpone Fool
Raspberry and Cream Parfaits 
Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day dessert? These parfaits deliver, and fast. A mixture of mascarpone, liqueur, raspberries and crushed biscotti or macaroons, they look fancy but are surprisingly easy.
Get the recipe for Raspberry and Cream Parfaits
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anthonynorth said...

Now that's what I call a tasty 13.

Mia Celeste said...

Oh, wow. Lots of wonderful sweets.
Thanks for sharing.

I am Harriet said...

I'm intrigued by the strawberry mousse :)

Heather said...

Mmm...strawberry cheesecake. 'Nuff said. ;)

Stephanie Sullivan said...

Oh goodness. Now I'm starving. LOL. All of these recipes sound delicious. Thanks for sharing, Adelle! Happy belated Valentines Day!