Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Thanks to everyone who voted for Killer Scents under the Thriller category at the P&;E Readers Poll. Killer Scents came in 8th overall. This is extra special as it is the first book I've written in this genre. Presently I am working on a sequel titled, Scent of a Killer.

As many of you know, being an author isn't as simple as just writing a great book. In fact, that's the easy part! After months of editing and polishing your baby you must now enter the daunting world of social networking and marketing. If I tried to join and participate in all of the networks available, well let's just say there wouldn't be a 'next book'.
As authors we must play an extremely delicate  juggling act in an effort to have time for reading, writing, networking and most importantly, taking care of our families in the 'real world'. I like to call this, finding the elusive balance. After much trial and error I've chosen Facebook as my grandstand. 
Over the past couple of year a plethora of NEW avenues have cropped up such as; Pinterest, Triber, Google Groups, Twitter, Tumblr etc etc  The list is endless. So, what is an author to do? Do I join everything and struggle to keep up with all them? For me, this is an unrealistic choice. I'm going to sit in the background on a few venues and see if any of them are a  good fit for my goals as an author and mother. 
I've just joined a new group called Book Blogs on Ning. It is for members who read books, blog books, write books and publicize books. Doesn't it sound like the perfect place to be? We shall see. You can visit my page there - HERE. It's still only the basics, but as time allows I will settle in with more content. 

I hope you all have a great day. I'm off to talk to someone about a water tank that sounds like Niagara Falls. Wish me luck! 

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