Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My Diva Dog

My Chachi dog is going in for surgery this morning. She has an abscessed tooth that is causing all kinds of problems. I guess whoever had her as a pup should have had a small surgery to help with her breathing, but because she didn't have it, the root of this tooth is growing upwards towards her eye. It even put a tiny hole in her face. Breaks my heart. Soooo, the surgery will be a little tricky. This past weekend she developed a blue tint to her eye, which is NOT good. So scared she will lose her eyesight in that eye. She's 8 years old and weighs just over 8 lbs, but she's taken up residence in my heart since the day we rescued her 4 years ago.  Any good thoughts or positive vibes would be muchly appreciated.
 I love you, Chachi Diva Dog. 

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Adelle Laudan said...

Chachi made it through surgery with flying colors. We're treating her eye injury and a doc visit this morning confirms it is healing nicely. Her reg weight is 8.4lbs On day of surgery it had dropped to 7.6. Today she is back up to 8 lbs. SO it's safe to say my Chachi Diva Dog is back to herself, maybe even better than before *wink