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Chief's first ride on motorcycle...

Meet my inspiration for Shane in my Iron Horse Rider Trilogy. Since Spring is in the air, I thought I'd share an excerpt from Book One. Shane is at the MicMac Camp and is going to give the Chief his first lesson on the motorcycle....

Shane turned to the chief, who still stared off into space. “Well, Chief. Let’s get this show on the road.” Gray Owl jumped in his chair.
“Yes,” he said. “I’m sorry. I must have been someplace else.”
“Do you have a pair of boots or hard-soled shoes?”
Chief thought for a moment. “I have work boots. Will those work?”
“Definitely. Why don’t you go put them on, and I’ll meet you over at my bike?”
Chief smiled and hurried over to his wigwam.
Shane emptied his cup and headed over to his bike. He’d barely made it there before he heard a clumping noise behind him. Turning, he saw Chief jogging towards him. With each step, Gray Owl picked his feet up in the air much like a horse trotting. His long hair trailed behind him and he wore a huge grin. Shane stifled a laugh at the image.
“Okay, Chief. First, I’m going to show you where everything is on Belle, so listen up. You’re going to show me where everything is after I’m done.”
Chief nodded, watching Shane’s every move.
“See this valve down here?” asked Shane. “It’s called a petcock and it turns the gas on.”
Chief nodded.
Shane put his hand on the left hand grip. “This is your clutch and it’s also down here, plus this is where you shift gears. So far, so good?” he asked, moving to the other side of the bike.
“Yes.” Chief followed him, his brow creased, and waited for Shane to continue.
Putting his hand on the right grip, Shane continued: “This is your throttle, and here is your brake.” He reached down and folded out the kicker. “This thing is the kicker. Now, see this valve right here? It’s the choke. Do you think you can remember all this?”
Chief Gray Owl pursed his lips and scratched the back of his head as he walked around the bike. Quietly, he studied the motorcycle as if slowly absorbing everything that he’d just been told.
“Okay, now you tell me what you’ve learned.”
Shane stood back and listened to the chief. Finished, Gray Owl stood shifting from one foot to the other.
“You’ve done well,” Shane praised him. “Okay, now I’m going to show you how to start Belle up. I want you to watch closely because I’ll have you do it next.”
“Thank you.”
Shane chuckled. He couldn’t remember if he’d been as excited when he’d gone for his first ride. His situation had been a little different. He’d spent an entire winter building Belle, and knew every bolt and wire before he even started riding her. He straddled his bike. Going through the motions, he explained step by step what he was doing.
He reached down and turned on the petcock and pulled out the choke. He gave the throttle a twist and turned on the ignition. Reaching down, he flicked out the kicker pedal and stood up. Shane put his foot on the kicker pedal, his left hand on the clutch. Holding the throttle, his finger extended to hold in the front brake.
“When you push down on the kicker, you’re going to pump it a couple times. You can feel the compression building up. I’m going to kick her over now. Pay attention to how I move my leg out of the way once I kick her over.”
Shane brought his weight down on the kicker and the old Shovel roared to life. He feathered the throttle. With his left hand, he held the throttle and reached down with his right hand to gradually push in the choke. Returning his right hand to the throttle, he put the bike in gear with his foot and released the brake.
Leaving the Chief behind, he took a quick scoot around the camp. Even after all these years riding, he still experienced an adrenaline rush riding the old Shovel. Chief Gray Owl stood waiting for Shane to return. A few men had gathered around him. He saw Tia and Noni close the distance between them and the chief. Noni held Tia’s hand, and Shane saw the concern etched in her face as he pulled up next to the chief. He put the bike back on its stand and dismounted.
“What do you think, Chief? Think you’re ready to give her a go?”
“I would very much like to try.”
Shane handed Chief the key. “Give her a go, then. Just take it easy until you get the feel for her. Don’t forget to move out of the way of that kicker. Trust me, you don’t want to get kicked back or you’ll be going for a trip over the handlebars.”
“Do you think I can do this?”
“Sure you can.” Shane smiled reassuringly. “Just remember what I told you and you’ll be fine.”
Noni and Tia reached his side. Shane saw fear in Tia’s eyes. She trembled, her knuckles white from squeezing her mother’s hand.
“He’ll be fine, Tia.” Shane tried to set her mind at ease.
She forced a slight smile.
“Okay, Chief, go for a ride,” he said.
Gray Owl took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He threw back his shoulders and straddled the bike.
Shane watched the chief’s every move. He did everything exactly as Shane had shown him. He pumped the kicker three times before coming down hard. The Shovel roared to life. Upon seeing the Chief quickly move his leg back, Shane let out a big breath. He gradually pushed in the choke and let the clutch out. With a twist of the throttle and a huge grin, he popped her into gear and moved forward.
The small crowd that had gathered let out a boisterous whoop. They clapped and laughed while watching their chief ride the ironhorse. Although a little wobbly at first, the second time around had him grinning from ear to ear as he rode smoothly around the camp. Shane watched a smile spread across Tia’s face, her gaze trained on her father. He caught her attention and winked, making her blush.
Seemingly out of nowhere, Raven appeared, sliding a possessive arm around her waist and pulling her to his side. Shane watched the sparkle vanish from her eyes and noticed the tense posture of her body. The overwhelming urge to wipe the smug look off of Raven’s face suffocated him.
On Gray Owl’s third trip around, he let out a celebratory whoop. Finally, he brought the bike back to Shane, looking ten years younger than when he’d left. He pulled to a stop, and Shane watched his eyes grow wide as the bike started leaning over to one side.
Luckily, Shane reached him in time to hold the bike upright.
“You might want to put your feet down next time you stop.” Shane laughed.
Chief Gray Owl looked stunned. He shifted from shock to embarrassment, and finally, he chuckled at himself. He shut down the bike and slid off.
“I knew it would be incredible, but I had no idea it could be so much more!”
Shane laughed, knowing that now that he’d taken a ride, it wouldn’t be his last. He’d bet money the chief would have a bike of his own this summer.
Chief offered his hand to Shane. “How can I thank you?”
Shane shook his hand. “There’s no need, my friend. You’ve opened up your home to me, so that’s thanks enough.”
“You are welcome here for as long as you wish.”
His words touched Shane, but in the same moment, he sensed Raven seething at the Chief’s display of gratitude. He certainly wasn’t earning any brownie points with the man. Never one to back down, Shane turned, looking him square in the eye and smiled.
He gazed down at Tia’s ashen face. “How about I take you for a ride and show you there is nothing to fear?”
Tia’s eyes grew wide, and she looked from her father to Raven and back to Shane. With a slight smile, she stepped forward. Raven’s hand fell from her waist.
The rage brewing in his coal black eyes echoed his disposition.
Shane arched his eyebrows in a subtle challenge for him to try and stop her.
Come on make a move. I dare you.
Raven held his gaze, the muscles in his neck flexing. Reaching out to Tia, he took her by the hand and gave her a helmet to put on. Shane instructed her to come around to the other side of the bike. He reminded her where to put her foot on the peg and hike herself up on the back.
Tia nodded and dropped her gaze.
Shane straddled the Shovelhead while tightening the strap on his helmet. He looked from Raven’s intense scowl to the confused look in the chief’s eyes. Behind him Noni stood with her eyes big and her hand covering her mouth.
Shane stood and prepped things to kick the bike over. Tia’s mother hurried over and whispered something under the flap of her helmet. She scurried off around the bike to her husband’s side just as Shane came down hard on the kicker and it started with a rumble.
Noni jumped a good foot off the ground and shrieked. Her gaze found Shane’s, and he winked, sporting a devilish grin. She hid behind her husband.
Chief Gray Owl laughed at his wife. Raven exhaled, puffing out his chest and wringing his hands.
“Hop on!” Shane shouted over the noise of the bike. Hiking up her long skirts, Tia displayed sexy, slender legs. Too bad I’m married. He closed his eyes and shuddered at himself forgetting he wasn’t married. Tia settled in behind him, and he pushed the thought from his mind. “Hang on!”
She wrapped her arms around him and held the sides of his shirt in her fists.
Shane looked back to see her wide, bright eyes and her lips planted firmly together. “Here we go!”
He twisted the throttle, cruising away from the camp. In the mirror, he saw everyone waving except for Raven, who had moved to Gray Owl’s side. The expression on his face told Shane he’d have plenty to say to the chief while they were gone.

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Look Twice, Save a Life...

It's that time of year again folks when you;ll hear the first rumblings of motorcycles blowing the cobwebs off their machines. 
Please take heed to this poster. I've lost too many friends due to careless drivers who don't look twice. Motorcycles are everywhere, whether you like it or not. Try to remember that those who ride are no different than you or I in most ways. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters etc. Most are working class family orientated people who could be the best friend you'll ever have. 
Sure, I'm biased. I've been a part of the motorcycle community most of my adult life. Yes, I've been MIA the past 5 years, but sometimes it takes that long to mend a broken heart. 
I am looking forward to this summer, and hope to step out again amongst the living lol. 
PLEASE share this poster. If even one driver takes that second look and saves a life....

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!!

I don't care if there's still some snow on the ground. I'm going to 'fake it, til I feel it'! 

Here's a collage of a few beautiful signs                       Spring Is In the Air
No more cold! I can't wait until I can open my windows and turn off the heat. C'mon Mother Nature... enough already!

Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm baaaack!!

Boy has it been a long week without being able to connect with you all. I sure learned just how much having the niceties in life means to me. home cable... phew!
Thank God we have tons of movies lol
It was nice to spend some quality time with my girls, playing cards and being silly.I did get lots of writing done, and that's always a good thing.
Now I get to wade through over 1000 emails. Soooo, just wanted to touch base so you know I'm still alive and well. 

I missed you all!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm a WINNER of 'the Betty Awards' !!

I'm so excited to learn I won one of the Betty Awards for 2013. Scent of a Killer was awarded best book for August 2013. I am beyond thrilled to share the list of winners with the likes of Lee Child, James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Stephen King and several others, including some pretty awesome Indie Authors. You can find the full list of winners on Betty Dravis's Website  Thank you, Betty! 
   Scent of a Killer is the sequel to Killer Scents. 

“Adelle went to the top with "Scent of a Killer". Fantastic read. Everyone who liked Killer Scents should read this!” Bobbie –Amazon

Not even being locked up in an insane asylum is going to stand in the way of Danny aka The Florist exacting his revenge. Detective Becca Talbot is at the top of his list, but he can’t resist the temptation to mess with her mind first.

Becca doesn't know how much more she can take of Danny’s sinister acts. It seems they are one step behind every move he makes. How can they turn the tables and catch him in his own tangled web? More importantly, can they do it before anyone else falls prey to his demented mind?

“I love it when a book is so engaging, that when I'm done it feels like I have just seen a really good movie. Killer Scents did just that. A classic "who done it" mystery, Killer Scents keeps you guessing at each turn.Gothic Mom Reviews

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

FREE Ebook ~ FINAL DAY ~ Read-An-Ebook-Week

FINAL DAY Read-An-Ebook-Week

Mystified is FREE today only!
Romantic Suspense/Time Travel/Native Legends

Tokoda's rock 'n roll lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt when he is called back home. He climbs on his Harley and heads back to Spirit Island where Native American legends are known to come to life. Nara is intent on preserving her Ojibwa heritage, and couldn't be happier about her former crush coming back to the Island, and is even happier when the sexy musician finds his way into her bed. The rekindled lovers are thrown back in time, but in opposite directions. Tokoda and Nara must overcome the barbaric Sioux tribe to find one another and look for a way to return to their own time.

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Balanced upright in the canoe, Nara gave the shoreline a cursory glance before pulling her deerskin shift over her head. She closed her eyes, celebrating the freedom this secluded spot on Spirit Island gave her.

In the beginning, the Creator made Spirit Island in order to have a place to call home. He took the cleanest air and the freshest water, along with all the plants, medicine and food he’d ever need. Even today, many came to the sacred Island to speak to the Great Spirit.

The hopes and dreams of her ancestors carried in the breeze that prickled her bare skin. A sense of well-being filled her heart and there was no doubt, the Great Spirit still made Mnido-Maniss his home.

Nara dove into the cool water, revelling in the sensation against her body as she came up for air. She stretched out on her back and stared up at the twinkling stars. What story did they tell as they danced to the rhythm of their own music?

The rattle of shaking branches caused her breath to hitch and she slipped under the blanket of water to hide her nakedness. Someone crouched in the bushes, the whites of his or hers eyes illuminated by the moonlight. Nara swam to the side of the canoe and struggled to slow her breathing as quietly as possible. Cautiously, she peeked over the canoe’s rim and searched the shoreline.

I saw someone, I know I did. Where did they go? Has someone been watching me all along?

The mere thought of a stranger seeing her naked repulsed her. Movement caught her attention and she froze.

Between her and the shore, the water swirled. Nara’s jaw dropped as a ghostly apparition rose up from the mist. Without knowing how, she knew it to be the Underwater Princess of stories told so many times around the campfire.

The beautiful native princess turned her head to face the bushes, her blue black hair settled in layers around her shoulders. With a flick of her wrist, a gust of wind came out of nowhere, whipping the prickly rose bushes into a frenzy.

Suddenly, a man’s pain-filled cry resounded across the river and a figure shot up from behind the bushes and tore off into the darkness of the forest. As quickly as the wind rose up, it calmed. The princess smiled satisfactorily in her direction before fading into the night, leaving behind fireflies of which flew upwards until one couldn’t tell them from the stars.

Nara reached in the canoe for her deerskin shift and pulled it down over her damp hair. Without a sound, she slipped back on board and gazed out on the calm, glass-like water. Since the day her father taught her to guide a canoe, this had been her special place. Never before did the Underwater Princess appear.

Many times it felt as if someone else shared this space with her, but she always thought it to be the Great Spirit. Perhaps it was, or perhaps more than one spirit shared this special place with her. Nara shivered and dipped her paddle in the water. The birch bark canoe her father built sliced through the water effortlessly.

Who hid in the bushes? Whoever it was, they got quite the lashing from the barbs of those prickly rose bushes. To think, the Princess Misshepeshy saved her. The same princess who so many years ago saved her tribe from the imminent ambush of the most feared of all the tribes, the Sioux.

Like a beacon in the night, the light from her father’s fire drew her to shore. She smiled upon seeing him walk down the path toward her. Despite knowing he’d give her the ˜talk’ about her midnight excursions and how it wasn’t safe to be out alone at night, Nara stepped out of the canoe and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Enape stepped back and laughed. “Careful, you’re going to knock us both down.” Her father returned the affectionate gesture and hugged her tight before holding her at arm’s length and searching her eyes. “What’s got into you?”

“Can’t a girl hug her father without having a reason?”

His brow arched. “Most girls, yes. You...?” He shook his head. “I guess it’s pointless to try and get a straight answer from you tonight?”

An unfamiliar rumble filled the night. Nara turned to her father. “What is that?”

Enape shrugged. “Sounds like a motorcycle to me.”

Her heartbeat quickened as it did any time she heard a motorcycle. This time she experienced a different feeling. It was almost like an air of expectation descended on her. Maybe this time it really was Tokoda returning home.